New Eden

T+2 Slipstream use, E-1 One garden, several hostile worlds, R-1 Almost viable

At war, Totalitarian versus free thought, recruits from “lesser” systems for military schemes

Connections: Eridanus, Micanopy, Omega, Zeta Sector

A war between two dominating factions, known as the Florentians and the Concords rages over the ownership of the main habitable world in this system. The Florentians recruit people from Zeta Sector who are very willing to get off-planet, while the Concords recruit (i.e. jailbreak) soldiers from the station in Eridanus.

New Eden 2

A moon here is host to several political prisons/camps of the Concords. Cold

New Eden 4

A moon here called Ticonderoga houses an underground Touched refugee base. Airless, Tunnels

New Eden

Micanopy Cluster Turgid