T+2 Slipstream use, E+2 One garden, several survivable worlds, R-2 Needs imports

Homebase system, Political intrigue, Diverse planets

Connections: Eridanus, New Eden, Omega, Rogue’s Hovel

Micanopy is home to the largest population in the cluster, featuring dozens of planets and countless moons. Most systems in the cluster are connected to Micanopy, and it is home to almost all of the Rogue faction leaders as well as Bahroot Industries headquarters. Most states are represented in a central Council. While the Council only has jurisdiction over the system, many of its decisions have far-reaching consequences. Micanopy is one of three systems that has the technology (though often not the resources) to create slipstream-capable ships.

Micanopy Prime

The central planet in terms of population as well as politics, M-Prime is home to several institutions, including the Micanopy Council and the premier university in the cluster. Less than a year ago, the government of the largest nation underwent a violent overthrow. In addition to national government leaders, some Council members were expelled or killed.

Micanopy 3

This is a water world, with abundant life.

Micanopy 7

People from this planet are considered ill-educated and unskilled by most of the system, and are often employed elsewhere for menial jobs (i.e. “the help”). Despite this perception, most of them have pride and solidarity. Nobody can call it the Sev unless they’re from here.


Micanopy Cluster Turgid