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Setting information

The premises of the Diaspora game explained.

Clusterwide factions include

  • Bahroot Industries which has headquarters in Micanopy, own Eridanus, and has investments in most systems
  • Rogues and pirates, of which there are several factions operating out of Rogue’s Hovel and raiding cluster wide, with political ties to Micanopy.
  • The Touched, a widely misunderstood, genetically abnormal group whose various settlements can be found on many planets. Touched can also be found individually, sometimes disguised.
  • Two sides of an ongoing civil war in New Eden, the Concords and the Florentians, which recruit from Eridanus and Zeta Sector respectively.
  • A Secret Society maneuvers to eradicate the Touched and resurrect old technology from Zeta Sector.
    Meanwhile, most systems enjoy the sport of Spleef (or whatever name we settle on).
    There are many languages throughout the cluster.

System index

Name T E R
Centition -1 0 -1
Eridanus -1 -4 +1
Micanopy +2 +2 -2
New Eden +2 -1 -1
Omega 0 -1 +1
Rogue’s Hovel +2 -1 -2
Zeta Sector -1 -3 0

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Main Page

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