T-1 Atomic Power, E+0 One garden world, R-1 Survivable
Variable binary, Egregious ecosystem, Rare rogue traders
Connections: Rogue’s Hovel

The star system here is extremely variable, as the smaller sun accretes mass from the larger. Both stars fluctuate in brightness, in addition to the variance caused by eclipses.

Centition 9

The only remotely habitable planet, Centition 9 is subject to extreme temperature changes every few years. There are also many different biomes around the planet. The local life has adapted in many different ways to this variance, and has extremely high diversity. Many species are valued for their unique applications to medicine and industry, leading rogues to occasionally land and trade with (or raid) the human population. The local cultures are technologically savvy, but tend to have low populations and few permanent settlements. Most of their technology and daily life is focused on survival activities in a constantly shifting, dangerous ecosystem and environment.

Other notable places

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Micanopy Cluster Turgid