H.A.N.D. Cannon

A cybernetic mining device

weapon (ranged)

H.A.N.D. Cannon
> Energy Weapon
> ( two uses of “Has a thing”)
> Base BP- 7
> Harm Rank 2 ( 4 BP)
> Penetration 4ank 4 (4 BP)
> Min range rank 2 ( 0 BP)
> maximum range Rank 3 ( cost -1 BP)
> Stunts
> Rechargable ( —1 BP)
> Transfer Aspect ( Crushing strength) ( 1bp)
> Low Recoil (Free Energy Weapon)


When Bahroot industries decided to make its prisoners in the Eridanus system more efficient it created the H.A.N.D ( Hyper Alloy Neutralization Device) The prisoners right hand is severed from his body and a high powered mining laser is attached. the device has several appendages that serve as fingers and posses the ability to move and crush massive stones to allow for more perfect and precise drilling. Many question this apparatus and wonder about its possible use to harm other people.

in several prototype test cases the user of the device has attempted to use it in a hostile manner against the guards of the Eridanus penal colony. Unfortunately all of those prisoners have been put down ( with the exception of one fugitive who managed an escape and remains elusive) Still Bahroot industries denies possible theories that they may actually bes testing possible military weapons on the prisoners of Eridanus.

H.A.N.D. Cannon

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