Seth "Gram" Barents


Rank 5:Slug Thrower
Rank 4:Survival, Resolve,
Rank 3:Stamina, Brawling, Alertness
Rank 2:Close Combat, Tactics, Vehicle, Stealth
Rank 1:Agility, Archaelogy, Medical, Intimidate, Assets

survive at any cost (for my parents sacrifice)
haunted by my past
afraid of the dark
don’t like be told what to do
a debt that must be paid (Pike)
hired gun/ rouge pirate
hidden switch
catch me if you can



Growing Up
I grew up on a small “farm” in the Zeta Sector. I watched from the closet as my parents were killed by Cannibals. I survived and was raised by my uncle Grant. I learned from him how to survive in this god forsaken planet. I’ll never forget the night my parents died! I will never forgive those who were responsible!
Starting Out
When I turned 18 Grant decided there was no better way for be to grow up(and get me out of their hair) then to join the Concordian militia. I will never forgive him! Just like that I was thrown into a world of blood and discipline. The militia taught me how to shot and how to keep my mouth shut. The war gave me a lot of things but it took from me even more. I still can’t be at my ease when the lights are off.
Moment of Crisis
The time finally came for me to make my exit from the militia. One day when my ship was being refitted in Micanopy Prime I encountered a man with a claw who offered me the chance of a life time. If I’d run with him as his hired gun he would smuggle me off the planet. Unfortunately my Superior officer over heard my plans and met me in the ally with a gun to my head. the man with a claw (who I would later come to know as Pike). saved my life that day and started my career in piracy. He promised me wealth and fame what I got was something a little different.
Side Tracked
While taking my daily walk through the Choco Canyon Ruins I noticed blood splattered on one of the the stone. My mind immediately filed with the sights and sound of the night my parents were killed. My body froze with fear. A shout from the other side of the canyon roused me from my stupor. The fear I felt melted away and I sprang into action. I don’t remember all of what transpired that day. I don’t even remember the face of the woman I saved. All I remember is washing the the blood off my hands. Something changed in me that day but I can’t quite put my finger on what.
On your Own
My life of piracy isn’t what I expected. Though Pike keeps promising riches we currently owe enough to the Bahroot an rouge king pins to put us away in Eridanus for 500 yours. We have plenty of fame, with a bounty size of ours everyone knows what we look like. On the upside my skills with a gun have greatly improved. Practice makes perfect!

Seth "Gram" Barents

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