Braden Rothschild "Pike"

A rogue and smuggler trying to stay under the radar


Braden Rothschild “ Pike”

<^>.- “ Eat this RICHY!”
-Has a Ship
-Relies on Himself
-Lets Push Back(Ability to encourage people to action)
-Constantly in pain/ Drug reliant
-Racking up the bounty
-H.A.N.D. Cannon
-What the Hell is a Kessel run
-Slipped through their fingers.. again
(not good at running a ship)

Rank 5-Energy Weapon
Rank 4- Intimidation, Profession ( theif)
Rank 3- Oratory, Stealth, Stamina
Rank 2- Agility, Gunnery, Brokerage, tactics
Rank 1- EVA, Survival, Brawling, Vehicle, Alertness

HEALTH- 00000

Skill replacement- profession thief for Wealth
Has a Thing (HAND Cannon)
Has a Thing (HAND Cannon Tech 2)

H.A.N.D. Cannon

> Energy Weapon
> ( two uses of “Has a thing”)
> Base BP- 7
> Harm Rank 2 ( 4 BP)
> Penetration 4ank 4 (4 BP)
> Min range rank 2 ( 0 BP)
> maximum range Rank 3 ( cost -1 BP)
> Stunts
> Rechargable ( —1 BP)
> Transfer Aspect ( Crushing strength) ( 1bp)
> Low Recoil (Free Energy Weapon)


1. Growing Up

Micanopy 7 is a busy hub of traffic and commerce. It is also considered “ home of the help.” It is the Poorest slum in the Micanopy system. Braden Rothschild or “Pike” as he became known in the early gangs he ran with was born to meager means and parents who were trying, and failing to make ends meet. Since he was never rich, or even well off he learned early that he would have to find and get things for himself. This was why at an early age Pike turned to a life of petty larceny and general thuggery.

2. Starting Out.

Eventually he escalated and committed several more serious crimes and his debt to Bahroot Industries quickly grew to a level that warranted a very long time in their penal work facility in the Eridanus cluster. While he endeavored to make the best of things, the Eridanus cluster quickly stole any kind heart he had left and hardened him. Eventually in an effort to streamline the labor process Pike was “volunteered” for an experimental device called the H.A.N.D cannon. A mining drill that would replace his right hand, and cause great pain, but would enable him to dig through rock with out the aid of a more expensive drill team.

3. Moment Of Crisis

One day after having had enough of Bahroots slave like conditions Pike saw the perfect opportunity to escape. A ship stopped by for supplies and let their “touched” (Kiati) out to fetch them. While they were docked Pike staged a bloody assault and managed to hijack the ship using only the HAND cannon. The touched was left behind and he heard later.. even blamed as part of the cause, but Pike didn’t care he was free. He headed to Rouges hovel.. the perfect place to avoid Bahroot industries.

4. Side Tracked

Pike had possession of the ship but he could not pilot or run it by himself, and the captives he held at HAND point wouldn’t do forever. He needed to find a crew that could help him start his new life. The perfect candidate reared his head in the form of a Zetaite with military training. Who needed a little assistance “ clearing his contract” with the Concord Militia. Pike had never liked “ birdies” anyway. After murdering the Concord soldier attempting to grab the man Whose name was Gram, Pike promised the would be mercenary riches and fame.. he may have been exaggerating… a little…

5. On Your Own

Pike makes a meager living with Gram working primarily out of Rouges Hovel. They specialize in dirty missions. “ Stealthy item and good transportation” and “ Product liberation and redistribution” missions to make a majority of their profit. Pike has earned a reputation as a tough, no nonsense “ negotiator” who is slick enough to avoid both the massive bounty on his head from bahroot industries and the angered Concord army who want him in connection with the murder of at least one concord official.

Braden Rothschild "Pike"

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