Misha Ballari


Aspects: Naïve optimist, well-educated, fish out of water, curiosity kills the cat, hero worship, learning to survive, looking for Mac, what really matters, follow it to the end, maybe this’ll work!

rank 5: Archaeology
rank 4: Culture/Tech, Medical
rank 3: Survival, Science, Energy Weapons
rank 2: Agility, Oratory, Navigation, Bureaucracy
rank 1: Arts, Languages, Resolve, Computer, Assets

Military Grade Medical
Swap a Skill (stress track: Survival for Stamina)
Lucky (stress track: 2/3/4)

Stress Track:
Health: 5
Composure: 4
Wealth: 4

Pulse Laser Pack: H/R/P/T (2, 2-4, 1, 2)
Bullet Proof Vest: D/S/A/T (2,0,0,2)
Med. Kit
Excavation Kit


1. Growing Up:
Born and raised on Micanopy Prime. Daughter of upper class scholars at the University. Misha received an excellent education and developed an interest in the people and the lost technology of the Zeta Sector.
2. Starting Out:
Misha became a Professor of Archaeology at the University and finally gets the opportunity to go on an expedition to the Zeta Sector. Unfortunately, Misha and her team were woefully unprepared for the dangers of the Zeta Sector.
3. Moment of Crisis:
The first expedition goes horribly wrong, but luckily Seth “Gram” Barents rescues Misha. She and her (now considerably smaller)team get established and begin their research. With a better understanding of the dangers, they begin to learn how to survive on their own.
4. Side-Tracked:
Upon hearing of the coup in Micanopy Prime, Misha leaves her team and returns to her home planet only to discover that her parents were killed and her friend, Mac went missing.
5. On Your Own:
Misha abandons her research to search for Mac(last rumored to be in New Eden working with the touched). She meets up with Seth “Gram” Barents and Braden Rothschild “Pike” in Rogue’s Hovel, who agree to assist in the search after provided with a substantial monetary incentive. New Eden is a war zone after all!

Misha Ballari

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