Biology nerd and lobbyist, gone missing several months ago


Mac Eotvos
Homeworld: Micanopy 3

Aspects: Biology nerd, Culture curious, Work the system (bureaucracy), H4X0R, I didn’t sign up for this!, Touched connections, Wedding ring, PTSD, Compassionate, Politics are everywhere

Stunts: Homeschooled (Science for Survival), Resilient (extra mild consequence), Dealmaking customs (use my Culture/Tech for +1 Brokerage)

Skills: Science 5
Bureaucracy, Oratory 4
Culture/Tech(M N O Z), Profession: Anthropology, Resolve 3
Languages(M N O), Arts, Charm, Animal Handler 2
Archeology, Vehicle, Stamina, Brawling, Computer 1


Name Harm or Def Range Pen Sta Agi Stunts and Aspects
Hand held taser 2 0 0 scary blue arc, non-lethal
Pressure suit 1 0 0 pressurized, flexible, lightweight, civilian

Science database, smartphone, fishing license

Health OOOO
Composure OOOOO
Wealth OOOO


Notes: Owns a boat for research


Grows up uneventfully, gets interested in marine biology, and is always curious about other cultures. Biology nerd, Culture curious

Gets involved in Micanopy politics – moves to Micanopy Prime. Works for environmental preservation and research. Picks up programming. Gets married. Work the system, H4X0R

Takes Misha’s archeology class and declines the offer to accompany to Zeta Sector. Barely makes it out alive after violent coup. Moves to Micanopy 2. Goes to Touched for help solving political problems. I didn’t sign up for this!, Touched connections

Touched take her to New Eden 3 to rescue more Touched from Concords. Kidnapped and held prisoner for a few months before being ransomed by Husband. Saw Kiati but never met. Wedding ring, PTSD

Having had enough of politics, retreats to Omega – Touched navigator takes her and her husband down. Compassionate, Politics are everywhere


Micanopy Cluster Turgid