A Touched mechanic and engineer running a shop in Rogue's Hovel


Kiati Avart
Homeworld: Omega Prime

Aspects: Not used to non-Touched, Touched mechanic, Wanderer, My business is my own, Against prejudice, Not everyone hates us, Realize the anti-Touched attitude, Under suspicion, A place called home


Skills: Profession: Mechanic 5
Repair, Engineering 4
Resolve, Stamina, EVA 3
Assets, Demolitions, Slug Throwers, Science 2
Micro-G, Languages (which?), Pilot, Navigation, Medical 1


Name Harm or Def Range Pen Sta Agi Stunts and Aspects
Example gun 1 0-2 0 concealed, civilian
Example armor 2 0 0 flexible, lightweight, civilian

Other gear and such

Health OOOOO
Composure OOOOO
Wealth OOOO

Current consequences:



Mum had me on the refugee ship from New Eden. Pa died making sure we got on the ship. It was hard for Mum since she wasn’t Touched like Pa and me. We settled in the rez for Touched on Omega Prime.

Life on a rez is boring. Everyone knows everything and always getting in your business. So after realizing that fixing things was my gift and that spacers need great mechs all the time, I had found my ticket off the rez. The ship I was on traveled for a bit, and the crew didn’t like me much. Eventually I ended up being abandoned on Eridanus Station.

While working on E-Station the “Flowers” did a raid for new recruits. They took me on as a mechanic. Spent a few years helping the “Flowers” fighting the “good fight.” I realized that the Birdies treated the touched like they’re diseased. One of the ships missions was to save a clan of Touched nomads from the Birds. One of the non-Touched was this scientist who was helping the relief effort in exchange for some of our oral history and legends.

So we stopped at E-Station. I needed to get some spare parts. When I came back to the dock, the ship was gone. I started looking for a job or a way off, and the station went into lock down. I was instantly arrested as an accomplice to this prison break. They told me that Content Not Found: pike broke out and couldn’t be found. After much hassle and harassment they let me go.

I finally found my way to Rogue’s Hovel and established a mechanic shop just outside the Touched rez/enclave. I made a fantastic name for myself as one of the few honest mechanics/Touched/people in the system.


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