Micanopy Cluster

Rainbow Voyage takeover

Pike made the deal with Slim, and blew a hole in the wall to free 72 Touched prisoners. He convinced the Ticonderoga soldiers to leave the guards alone. Upon leaving the moon they passed a passenger liner, but passed it to make their way to Ticonderoga.

Misha Talked to some of the rescued prisoners and found that some had worked with Mac before. She had been interrogated by the Concords and then ransomed as a non-combatant. Most likely her husband paid the fee to save her, but he is also missing.

Before Pike could set a transmitter for the Concords, the Ticonderoga leaders discovered a transmitter apparently already placed among the rescues by Slim. The leaders accused Pike of deliberately allowing the Concords to find them, but he denied it. Ultimately they still needed the Starfish to save the refugees, so they convinced Pike to follow Misha’s plan of stealing the Concord passenger ship. However, they gave Pike their promise that they owed him a favor, to be fulfilled by any Touched community in the cluster.

The crew tracked down the passenger liner Rainbow Voyage and boarded them amidships. Pike and Gram killed the first marine immediately. Then the Starfish crew headed to the bridge and forced a surrender, although Kiati was shot in the leg. The crew of the Voyage did not survive.



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