Micanopy Cluster

Pike's Exit

The Starfish towed the Rainbow Voyage to Ticonderoga, and used the Voyage’s interface vehicle to transfer several Touched up to help with the hostage transfer. On the first ride down, the remaining merchant marines got loose and disabled the Touched soldiers, stealing their weapons. The marines trapped Misha, Pike, and Gram in the cockpit and tried to convince them to open the door. Misha convinced Pike to crawl through a maintenance crawlspace into the suit storage space, grabbing enough suits for the three of them to survive a poisoned life support system.

Pike proposed that Misha join him in leaving Kiati and Gram, and searching for treasure with the help of his Touched favor. Misha decided not to join him, but agreed to not tell the others about his plan. Then the marines heard that the suit storage was occupied and one of them opened the door with a Touched soldier as a body shield. Pike held him off while Misha escaped and crawled back to the cockpit, opening the airlock to suit storage.

The merchant marine scrambled for a suit. Pike was able to escape with the aid of Gram’s maneuvering, and burnt holes through the remaining suits. He then headed out onto Ticonderoga.

Misha and Gram blocked the CO2 scrubbers and knocked out all the hostages on board. The suited marine ambushed Misha and Gram in the suit storage room, but Misha shot open a pipe and obscured his vision with smoke. Gram was then able to take him out with a shot to the head.

The rest of the hostages were transferred without incident, and the Touched evacuated successfully. Gram thought Pike must have a plan for himself, and didn’t believe Misha’s story about betrayal. Lacking any further clues about Mac’s whereabouts, the new crew decided to head to Zeta Sector for some archaeology.

They get a message from Doctor X, etc.



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