Micanopy Cluster

Free New Eden

Touchy negotiations

The crew spent an afternoon negotiating with the leaders of the Ticonderoga refugees. Many impassioned speeches and threats led to the old leadership giving up a large favor in return for help supplying the newly freed prisoners as well as help breaking into the prisons.

The crew discussed where to get the supplies without being traced. Pike ended up stealing from the laundry system of the main space station above New Eden Prime.

They arrived at the prison moon around New Eden 2 with twelve Ticonderoga soldiers only to find the first prison empty. Braden Rothschild “Pike” checked the last message sent to the control room and saw that they had moved all the prisoners to another prison. Gram found tracks on the road to another prison. Kiati found a prison transport bus.

The crew pulled up to the gate with the guise that the Touched were more prisoners. Pike identified himself to the guards, and was taken into the administrator’s office of Cpt. Victor “Slim” Spachowski, alone. He offered to set up the administrator’s career by becoming a Touched spy. All he had to do was let Pike “save” these prisoners and Pike would give him all the information about Touched locations. Slim had Pike moved to an isolation cell…but not before Pike stole some keys off his desk. Next time, we find out if Slim or his superiors will go for his plan.



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