Micanopy Cluster

Pike's Exit

The Starfish towed the Rainbow Voyage to Ticonderoga, and used the Voyage’s interface vehicle to transfer several Touched up to help with the hostage transfer. On the first ride down, the remaining merchant marines got loose and disabled the Touched soldiers, stealing their weapons. The marines trapped Misha, Pike, and Gram in the cockpit and tried to convince them to open the door. Misha convinced Pike to crawl through a maintenance crawlspace into the suit storage space, grabbing enough suits for the three of them to survive a poisoned life support system.

Pike proposed that Misha join him in leaving Kiati and Gram, and searching for treasure with the help of his Touched favor. Misha decided not to join him, but agreed to not tell the others about his plan. Then the marines heard that the suit storage was occupied and one of them opened the door with a Touched soldier as a body shield. Pike held him off while Misha escaped and crawled back to the cockpit, opening the airlock to suit storage.

The merchant marine scrambled for a suit. Pike was able to escape with the aid of Gram’s maneuvering, and burnt holes through the remaining suits. He then headed out onto Ticonderoga.

Misha and Gram blocked the CO2 scrubbers and knocked out all the hostages on board. The suited marine ambushed Misha and Gram in the suit storage room, but Misha shot open a pipe and obscured his vision with smoke. Gram was then able to take him out with a shot to the head.

The rest of the hostages were transferred without incident, and the Touched evacuated successfully. Gram thought Pike must have a plan for himself, and didn’t believe Misha’s story about betrayal. Lacking any further clues about Mac’s whereabouts, the new crew decided to head to Zeta Sector for some archaeology.

They get a message from Doctor X, etc.

Rainbow Voyage takeover

Pike made the deal with Slim, and blew a hole in the wall to free 72 Touched prisoners. He convinced the Ticonderoga soldiers to leave the guards alone. Upon leaving the moon they passed a passenger liner, but passed it to make their way to Ticonderoga.

Misha Talked to some of the rescued prisoners and found that some had worked with Mac before. She had been interrogated by the Concords and then ransomed as a non-combatant. Most likely her husband paid the fee to save her, but he is also missing.

Before Pike could set a transmitter for the Concords, the Ticonderoga leaders discovered a transmitter apparently already placed among the rescues by Slim. The leaders accused Pike of deliberately allowing the Concords to find them, but he denied it. Ultimately they still needed the Starfish to save the refugees, so they convinced Pike to follow Misha’s plan of stealing the Concord passenger ship. However, they gave Pike their promise that they owed him a favor, to be fulfilled by any Touched community in the cluster.

The crew tracked down the passenger liner Rainbow Voyage and boarded them amidships. Pike and Gram killed the first marine immediately. Then the Starfish crew headed to the bridge and forced a surrender, although Kiati was shot in the leg. The crew of the Voyage did not survive.

Free New Eden
Touchy negotiations

The crew spent an afternoon negotiating with the leaders of the Ticonderoga refugees. Many impassioned speeches and threats led to the old leadership giving up a large favor in return for help supplying the newly freed prisoners as well as help breaking into the prisons.

The crew discussed where to get the supplies without being traced. Pike ended up stealing from the laundry system of the main space station above New Eden Prime.

They arrived at the prison moon around New Eden 2 with twelve Ticonderoga soldiers only to find the first prison empty. Braden Rothschild “Pike” checked the last message sent to the control room and saw that they had moved all the prisoners to another prison. Gram found tracks on the road to another prison. Kiati found a prison transport bus.

The crew pulled up to the gate with the guise that the Touched were more prisoners. Pike identified himself to the guards, and was taken into the administrator’s office of Cpt. Victor “Slim” Spachowski, alone. He offered to set up the administrator’s career by becoming a Touched spy. All he had to do was let Pike “save” these prisoners and Pike would give him all the information about Touched locations. Slim had Pike moved to an isolation cell…but not before Pike stole some keys off his desk. Next time, we find out if Slim or his superiors will go for his plan.

The story begins

Misha, in search of her friend and former student Mac, tracked down a notorious rogue captain to help. She agreed to pay a large sum up-front, as well as 50% of the profits of her next archeo-tech project. Though the payment wiped out her cash reserves, Pike then informed her of all the replacement parts and maintenance that had to be done on his Starfish before it was ready to jump. Misha was forced to track down a Touched mechanic in Rogue’s Hovel by the name of Kiati. Fortunately he was willing to fix the ship in exchange for a further 25% of her next find’s profits.

The crew thus assembled, they spent two weeks in transit (with much complaining and arguing). Kiati was inspired by one of Pike’s comments to design a new weapon. The jump through Micanopy went by uneventfully because (or in spite?) of the recent political upheaval. Luckily, there were no ships in sight around the New Eden slipknot either. Misha decided to visit New Eden Prime first.

Following Misha’s only lead of her friend’s work among the Touched of New Eden Prime, Kiati got the location of a Touched refugee colony on a small moon of New Eden 4 called Ticonderoga. On the approach to this moon the Starfish made contact with a Concordian science and scouting vessel. Pike attempted to explain their presence as a rescue mission for a crashed diplomatic ship, which turned out to be a convenient distraction while pilot and gunslinger Gram positioned the Starfish for a Hug of Doom maneuver.

After a pitched battle of wits and lasers, the Starfish prevailed. The science vessel exploded, killing all aboard. Finally the group was able to reach the barren moon and descend to the coordinates of an underground Touched colony, where they were greeted with guns and suspicions.

The Touched of the colony believe that Mac was captured along with a group of Touched and taken to a Concordian political prison on New Eden 2. They offered to execute a rescue mission with the help of Pike, his ‘mining’ laser, and his ship. However, they refused to meet Pike’s demands for payment, for ideological reasons.

Next session we’ll deal with this stalemate and see if an alliance can be struck.

Setting and character creation

We rolled up all the systems, created the cluster, and made some characters. Next session we’ll finish up character creation and dig in to play.

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